Dr. Ganz performs chiropractic manipulations using her hands as well as table-assisted and instrument-assisted techniques.  For patients seeking specific chiropractic techniques– the names of the techniques used in the office are Diversified, Cox, Thompson and Activator. She does not solely follow any one particular technique, but instead employs them in combination depending on the needs and sensibilities of the patient.

services pics softDr. Ganz also addresses the soft tissue component of an injury or pain syndrome. She uses massage, connective tissue softening and stretching techniques to create ease of movement and to achieve the therapeutic goals
hands upShe also teaches corrective exercises and assigns maneuvers that will help lock-in results by re-educating the neuromuscular system and strengthening target areas.
services pics exerciseDr. Ganz uses passive physical therapy modalities when necessary, like ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation to assist in the healing process.
services pics foot colorSometimes Dr. Ganz prescribes or constructs foot orthoses to help improve a patient’s total body mechanics. Dr. Ganz has found one’s feet can be crucial in contributing to low back and other joint problems. When feet lose their normal arches they no longer support the structure with balance and symmetry. This can be a hidden cause of ankle, knee, hip and spinal pain.