What to Expect

DSC_3082Consultation: When you arrive to your first appointment Dr. Ganz will do a thorough consultation with you that includes:

  • Discussing your health issue of concern
  • Your health history
  • Details about health issues that run in your family
  • Your social history

These elements are an essential part of the diagnostic process. It helps her get to know you and sets the stage for the diagnosis of your health concern.
Exam: Next Dr. Ganz performs an examination which includes a postural assessment, appropriate orthopedic and neurologic testing and thorough palpation of the injured or painful area as well as areas that are related to the problem.

Findings: Dr. Ganz sits down with you explains her findings. What your likely diagnosis is and what can be done about it with a chiropractic and physical therapy approach. She will explain thoroughly what the treatments will include and why they are being employed. She will predict approximately how long it will take for you to recover. At this time all of your questions can be addressed.